Goals are Fragile. Make Objectives to Last.

By: Andi Ripley

If we can expect anything in life, it’s setbacks. Injury will come. Tragedy will happen. As I write this, I am currently struggling with injury. I am frustrated. Knowing hard stuff happens does not make these setbacks easier, but having broader objectives can keep us from wallowing in our self-pity.

Setbacks are anything getting in the way of our race plans and other goals. Setbacks come in the form of personal tragedy like death, divorce, or walking with friends or family through dark times. Sometimes running can be helpful during emotional or mental stress, but training may need to be altered. Other setbacks are physical and impossible to ignore from a training perspective. They produce physical limitations and require significant adjustments.

Andi Ripley

As you read this, you may be finding my blog at a perfect time to help you address the heaviness in your own experiences by setting up some positive, healing objectives. If not, these considerations still may support a mindset of continued lifetime success, whatever your situation.

Admittedly, when I have setbacks, I am good for a couple weeks. I feel motivated, seeing my injury as short-term and without major consequence. After this time period though, I start to become depressed and discouraged. That is where I find myself as I’m writing this. I feel I need to create this list and transcendent goals for myself. In doing so, I hope it can help you, too.

Why do I run?

Simple question, but the answer is so important. Take some time. Write it down.

My List:

Processing life.
Enjoying the outdoors.
Praying to God.
Connecting with friends.
Feeling strong.
Continuous improvement.
Discovering myself.
Achieving difficult tasks.

After reflecting on my list, I have made three goals based on why I run.

  1. Experiencing the outdoors (and getting that vitamin D!)
  2. Connecting with myself, friends, family, and God.
  3. Reducing stress and feeling accomplishment by pushing myself.

Despite life’s circumstances, I should be able to live out these goals. Whatever the setbacks, I need to focus on doing these three things, even if I am unable to run.

What are yours? Do we have any goals in common?

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