The deal with diet? Eat what you want.

This is just me stating my position on nutrition and diet in a blunt and concise manner. It also happens to be based on both anecdotal and researched evidence. A little, at least.

My Opinion: Eat what you want.

Nothing annoys me more about diet and nutrition than the idea that there is a best out there somewhere. There never has been and never will be. Not globally, at least. Personally? Sure. Maybe.

Matt Fitzgerald spent some time trying to figure this out and documented his investigation in The Endurance Diet. I have not read it. But I have heard him talk about it and share his key findings. His conclusion was that elite endurance athletes eat whatever works for them. They just do it with discipline.

So that’s my message. During over 10 years of competitive training, I have learned a few important things about myself and food: don’t eat beef the night before a race, salad is the worst pre-workout lunch, ice cream… we all scream when I eat ice cream… Stuff like that. Oh and one other REALLY interesting thing that has to do with my pre-race breakfast (guess what? I am NOT going to share it here – look for that post later).

But aside from the do nots and nevers, just about anything else is on the table (yep – that just happened, and I’m not changing it). The well-conditioned athlete is also closely attuned with his/her body. That should be enough!

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