Some Days are Harder than Others: WHY?

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Why are some days harder than others? For runners, it's a long list of possible reasons, so we dive into some of the most common and break them down.

Race Lingo: 5 Terms & Tips

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Whether just starting out or boasting a wall full of bibs, at some point or another we find ourselves confused by certain race lingo!

Social Running without Compromising Training Needs

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Social running ignites or rekindles running passion in nearly all of us. How do we execute our training plan and stay in community? Check out this article.

West Michigan Running Groups

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West Michigan is home to dozens of running groups meeting throughout the week to run all manner of efforts and distances. Take a look at our big list of many of those groups to find a home for your next run!

The Science of the Long Run

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We long run for a simple and scientific reason: effective aerobic development. Read on to get clarity on the science and our approach to maximizing the long run.

The Anxious Runner

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The anxious runner is one way to describe my struggle. This article will outline my triggers, how running can help, and ways running does not help as I pursue positive mental health.

3 Things Every Runner Needs to Do When Running

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Make running easier by improving running form. We offer 3 essentials ways to do that for every runner of every level at every point in training or racing.

Seeing False Patterns

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Runners are just as likely as anyone to see false patterns. The important question is how we discern objective data and make informed decisions.

How to Lead Others to Success: Insights from Dathan Ritzenhein

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Coaches represent the driving force behind so much growth and success across so many walks of life that we decided to devote this article to that very idea, leading others to success.

Season of Giving: Runners’ Edition

During this season of giving, consider ways that you can blend your passion for running with profound opportunities to help others. Here is a great collection of ideas to get you started!