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Getting more from your races

Racing is probably the most curious thing about running. From absurd event ideas to barely-sane race-day rituals, runners jump through all manner of hoops in the name of racing. … (read more on the blog)


Why Spectate a Road Race?

Here’s to enjoying race day excitement without having to hobble down the stairs the next morning. (Sign me up, right?) I know it’s inconvenient rising early in the morning and sorting out schedules and driving and parking and such. Especially just to watch. I hear you. You would rather be racing. Me too. But most […]


The Flying Pig Half Marathon Recap

By: Zach Ripley Gut Reaction The cool, pre-dawn fog drifted lazily off the Ohio River as we confidently bore down on the starting area. Actually, there was no fog. And no one was bearing down on anything. But I did enjoy the low-50s, cloudy weather. I did not enjoy the 6:30am start time. Really though, […]


Leave The Stroller at Home- Running Groups for Parents

A GUIDE TO FORM YOUR OWN RUNNING GROUP By: Andi Ripley Don’t get me wrong- I love my running stroller. The feeling of barreling down the trail with the double-wide in full sail, boys singing along to Disney show tunes- it’s great! But let’s be honest, a gal needs a break from pushing an extra […]


Reflections on Postpartum Running

ME:“Holy crap, I just grew and delivered a human child.”“What the heck, kid? Why don’t you sleep more than 2 hours at a time?”“Is poop supposed to look like that?”GOOGLE: Yes.DOCTOR: Yes.ME:“I am just so tired.”“WHERE IS ALL THE CHOCOLATE?”“Has that spit up been in my hair all day?”MIRROR: Yes. Also your shirt is on […]