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  • AtoZrunning Podcast- Running PodcastMaking the Most of Race Day w/ Kyle Cutler| Podcast ep 9
    Get the inside scoop about race day from a race director on this week's episode of A to Z Running Podcast. Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes? […]
  • AtoZrunning Podcast- Running PodcastA Story: Never Again on Thanksgiving Day | Podcast ep 8
    Happy Thanksgiving from AtoZrunning! It's cheesy, but true--- we are grateful for all of you (our listeners and readers). Today is a diversion from what we have been doing, and Zach is going to tell you all a story. Enjoy! […]
  • AtoZrunning Podcast- Running PodcastLifelong Running w/ Dathan Ritzenhein | Podcast ep 7
    Three-time Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein talks about how to be a lifelong runner by staying physically, emotionally, & mentality engaged. […]
  • AtoZrunning Podcast- Running PodcastData Driven | Podcast ep 6
    Zach and Andi come from totally different camps when it comes to the love and usage of data. In this episode, we discuss the positives and negatives of data saturation and how we can healthily utilize the feedback we are getting. […]
  • AtoZrunning Podcast- Running PodcastThe Next Level: Elevating Your Run | Podcast ep 5
    We've been talking, writing, and living the topic of elevating your run. (Training with excellence comes with obstacles, but the benefit of taking your run to the next level isn't just about running. […]

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