At AtoZrunning, we write about running, talk about running, think about running stuff, and most importantly, seek to build community with other runners. We're all about helping others meet their goals and sharing our own experiences along the way.

We also run (a lot) and love to swap stories!

Running Blog

Running is complicated. But we keep this simple! Experiences with training and racing, ideas about health and wellness and reflections on lessons we've learned and writings and research in the sport.

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Gear Bag

Finding the right stuff, the stuff that not only works but works exactly the way you want it to when you want it to, can be a challenge. Here's a glance at our opinions about the stuff that works.

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AtoZrunning Podcast

Everything about running in concise and direct episodes. Ultimately, it's all the stuff that runners of all ages and levels are wondering. Something else on your mind? TELL US HERE!

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  • Runners and Imposter Syndrome
    It doesn’t matter the level. Many runners feel imposter syndrome. It’s a sneaky form of self doubt. Here are actionable ways to move toward self-assurance. […]
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    Running can be a solo sport, but that doesn't mean we do it without the love and support of others. Today we hear stories and talk about the support that makes training possible. […]
  • Some Days are Harder than Others: WHAT to do?
    Just because some days are hard doesn't mean we can't do something about it. Here's a list of actionable steps to manage harder days for runners. […]
  • AtoZrunning Podcast- Running PodcastLet it Go | Podcast ep 18
    There are things we need to let go of and things we need to embrace. We are all multi-dimensional beings and running is just part of who we are. […]