Focus Techniques, Treadmill Problems, and GPS | Podcast ep74

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Runners get their questions answered about focus techniques, treadmill problems, and GPS. Tune in for this week's Q & A episode!
fast running on the track runner on the track during golden hour

Intensity, Changing Plans, & Easy Efforts | Podcast ep 156

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Listener questions about intensity, changing plans, & easy efforts.
Zach running on track. You can see the runner from behind.

Efficiency, tapering long runs, & fatigue | Podcast ep 152

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Listener questions about efficiency, long run tapering, and fatigue! Join us!
Female runner doing HIIT workout in black and white

Race hydration, HIIT workouts, & pacing | Podcast ep 148

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Listener questions about race hydration, HIIT workouts, & pacing. Tune in for the answers to these running questions!

Strength and Mobility Essentials

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Strength and mobility work is one of the most neglected yet essential facets of healthy and successful running.
wet running shoes. water is being poured out of them. running shoes are Brooks brand. Background is green trees.

Wet shoes, hamstrings, and comparing distances | Podcast ep 143

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Listener questions about wet shoes, hamstrings, and comparing distances. Tune in for running questions & answers!
shin pain runner holding lower leg

Shin Splints and Foot Pain Solutions with Marie Whitt, PT, DPT | Podcast ep 137

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Dr. Marie Whitt discusses common runner problems like shin splints and foot pain, sharing practical preventative measures and solutions.
Close up of man running with sunglasses. He is wearing a tshirt. The background is a field and trees.

How to Run by Effort | Podcast ep 136

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How do you run by effort? Tune in to hear how to execute training and racing by learning to run by effort. Become a more intuitive runner!
Skeleton model with a ballon as an abstracy model for the pelvic floor. Green woods blurry in the background.

What runners need to know about the pelvic floor with Betsy Petry-Johnson, MPT, OCS | Podcast ep 135

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Betsy Petry-Johnson MPT, OCS discusses what runners need to know about the pelvic floor! Tune in for your running education!