refine the mind. A photo of a brain with lightning around it and silhouettes of a runners surrounding it.

Refine Your Mind | Podcast ep200

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Discussion about a collection of studies on the brain-body connection and suggestions for runners. Refine your mind!
man running on a dirt road slightly uphill

Switching Events, Hills in Races, and Run/Walk Method | Podcast ep199

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This week, we answer listener running questions about switching events, hills in races, and run/walk method.
Woman running on the track with a long ponytail. She is a silhouette with blues behind her. She is in a powerful part of her stride.

What Your Running Form Tells You | Podcast ep198

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This week, we take a look at running form: what it tells us and what we can do about it. Learn how to improve your running mechanics.
track athletes running fast on a track. The runners are a blur.

Lessons from Fast People | Podcast ep197

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We use the 2023 USATF Outdoor Track and Field Championships to learn key takeaways that runners can use in their own training and racing. Tune in!
Dot McMahan running the 25k championships overall 1st masters

Priorities and Continued Success with Dot McMahan | Podcast ep196

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This week, we interview 5-time Olympic Trials Qualifier, Dot McMahan. We discuss priorities and continued success in running. Tune in!
three women running together in the woods, smiling and enjoying one another.

Social Running, Marathon Bottles, & Fixing Form | Podcast ep195

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This week, we answer listener questions about social running, marathon bottles, & fixing form. Tune in for answers to runners questions!
Fernando Cabada running in the Boston Marathon he was first masters finisher

Feeding the Wolves with Fernando Cabada | Podcast ep194

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This week, US champ and record-holder Fernando Cabada joins us to discuss the competitive urge and finding worth, and in his words, how we feed the wolves inside us. After that, we share world of running updates about severe competition at Bislett Games, high school nationals excitement, and another look at the new training approach that has captivated world-class runners.
nell rojas racing

Working Harder isn’t Always Better with Nell Rojas | Podcast ep193

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Nell Rojas discusses real toughness and how to manage hard efforts appropriately and honestly. Working harder isn't always better.
Zach ripley winning Bayshore marathon 2023

Running by Feel is Not Running by Effort| Podcast ep192

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This week, we discuss further what running by effort should look like and why we so easily get it wrong with examples from training, racing, and the recent Bayshore Marathon. After that, we share world of running updates about a new WR on the track by legend Faith Kipyegon, teenagers dominating, and more.
shoe drop

Shoe Drop, Overuse Injury, & Marathon Builds| Podcast ep191

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Runners get their questions answered about shoe drop, overuse injury, & marathon builds and more! Tune in for this week's Q & A episode! We also recap the Bayshore Marathon.