mid week long runs girl running in all black on a road. Colors are muted. Evergreens line the road.

Hills, mid-week long runs, and micronutrients | Podcast ep 126

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How to approach hill workouts, the importance of mid-week longer runs, vitamin and mineral balances, and more.
leg strength for runners photo of man's legs running on the red track with green grass on the infield.

Ways to Build Leg Strength | Podcast ep 125

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Learn the physiology of leg strength, ways to build leg strength, and how to put together a strength plan for running.
Man doing leg strength at the track

Leg Strength Workout for Runners

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Every runner needs a good leg strength workout (or two or three). While running is itself providing the vast majority of strengthening a runner might need, most training does not address everything.
male runner holding cell phone with city scape behind how social media affects runners

How Social Media Affects Runners | Podcast ep 124

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Andi & Zach explore research and insights from guests about how social media affects runners positively and negatively.
Social media effects on runners with a runner, a heart, a like, and a love

The Effects of Social Media on Runners

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The effects of social media on runners are numerous. This article explores the dangers and the benefits of social media use.

How Social Influences Affect Runners | Podcast ep 123

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To better understand how other people influence us as runners, Andi and Zach unpack research on social influences and their effects on exercise and running.
how to run longer

How to Run Longer

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Answering the question how to run longer is as easy as two words. But how, when, and why to run longer go together, so we address them all.
Patti Dillon InterviewFrank O'Brien

Breaking Barriers & Facing Fears with Patti Catalano Dillon | Podcast ep 122

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In an exclusive interview, world record breaker Patti Catalono Dillon shares about facing her fears and breaking barriers. 
is running data reliable? photo of man looking at watchatozrunning

Watch Data, Winter Running, & Long Runs | Podcast ep 121

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In this Q & A episode, we feature questions about Garmin data efficacy, winter training considerations, long runs, and more.
an injured running holding his knee. A pain guide for runners.

A Pain Guide for Runners | Podcast ep 120

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Andi and Zach discuss pain and injury from running. Included in the episode is a simple 4-step protocol. Tune in for a pain guide for runners!