CopyRunning photo by Jamie Geysbeek Photography

Listen to Your Body and Control Your Inner Dialogue | Podcast ep173

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This week Andi and Zach discuss how to listen to your body and control your inner dialogue as a runner.
man running on the track alone. The track is red. There is grass, but the weather is colder and the runner is wearing long sleeves.

Challenges Vs. Threats | Podcast ep172

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This week Andi and Zach discuss how we respond to challenges vs. threats and how we can prime our minds to make good decisions in running.
flow state in runners. Runner in yellow tank top running in the grass.

Flow: What it means for runners | Podcast ep 163

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Have you heard of flow state? Have you wondered what it means for running? Tune in!
Futsum Zeinasellassie winning a race finishing his run across the finish line on the road

Progress over Perfection with Futsum Zeinasellassie | Podcast ep 159

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Professional distance runner Futsum Zeinasellassie gives insight about progress over perfection in running.
Zach running on track. You can see the runner from behind.

Efficiency, tapering long runs, & fatigue | Podcast ep 152

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Listener questions about efficiency, long run tapering, and fatigue! Join us!
going all out in running- two side by side photos of a collegiate woman at the end of an indoor track race. She is visibly exhausted with her mouth gapping open.

When to Go All-out | Podcast ep 151

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When should a runner go all-out and drain the well? What even does that mean? Tune in!
rehabbing athlete at endurance rehabiliatation and athletics with Rob Andro, PTA

Essentials for Successful Rehabilitation with Rob Andro | Podcast ep 150

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Rob Andro joins Andi and Zach to discuss the essentials for rehabilitation back from injury.
Andrea Pomaranski crossing the finish line at the LMCU bridge run 10 miler

Patience with Urgency with Andrea Pomaranski | Podcast ep 149

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Elite runner Andrea Pomaranski joins the A to Z Running Podcast to discuss her return to running and what it takes to reach your dreams.
Female runner doing HIIT workout in black and white

Race hydration, HIIT workouts, & pacing | Podcast ep 148

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Listener questions about race hydration, HIIT workouts, & pacing. Tune in for the answers to these running questions!