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How can we STOP wasting time? | Podcast ep 72

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How can we stop wasting time? We discuss tangible ways to win back minutes to your life. As busy runners, our time is precious.

How can BUSY RUNNERS train? with Martin Hehir | Podcast ep 71

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How can busy runners train? One of the world's best busy runners, Martin Hehir shares how he executes training while juggling life.
Alicia Monson on the A to Z Running Podcasr

What makes a GOOD RACE? with Alicia Monson | Podcast ep 69

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We all want a good race. Every person who toes the line wants to unveil their potential for the day. There are elements of physical preparation, a curated mindset, fueling considerations, race day nuances, among other things that play into the result of our race efforts. Alicia Monson gives us the inside scoop of what makes a good races, and she has had plenty.
the best of running 2020

The Best of Running 2020 | Podcast ep 65

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Check out Best of Running 2020! Many national records and world records went down in the sport of running! This link contains the podcast episode as well as a youtube gallery of the epic 2020 races.

Why should runners structure training? with Jed Christiansen | Podcast ep 59

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Why should runners structure training? Find out! Each segment of training has a purpose which maximizes its benefit within the structure.

How Should Runners Navigate the Space Between Goals? | Podcast ep 58

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Are you ever in between running goals? These times can be difficult. How should runners navigate the space between goals? Tune in!

What is Recovery & Why Does it Matter? with AnnMarie Kirkpatrick | Podcast ep 57

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Running recovery is essential. Fitness is formed as your muscles adapt and repair. What is recovery? Find out!

How can runners intelligently modify training? | Podcast ep 56

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Disruptions are a guarantee. Whether we're in a time crunch, we feel terrible, or something else, we must intelligently modify. How? Tune in.

What is Serious Running? with Anne | Podcast ep 55

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What is a serious runner? It's not about time, mileage, or body type. Becoming a serious runner starts with mindset. Anne shares her story.

Speed, Strength or Endurance? with Olympian Kate Grace | Podcast ep 54

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Speed, strength, or endurance? The timing & implementation of these running terms vary. Olympian Kate Grace joins us to unpack the topic!