Behind the Numbers with Dathan Ritzenhein | Podcast ep 51

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Behind the numbers dives into the relentless passion of 3x Olympian, Dathan Ritzenhein.

Victory Beyond Gold with Mary Wineberg | Podcast ep 50

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Victory beyond gold happens in the pursuit. Through the highs and lows we can be victorious. Hear from Gold Medalist, Mary Wineberg!

FATHER-SON TEAMS | Podcast ep 49

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Today we hear from father-son teams, Jeff & Johnny Agar and Bill & Logan Johncock. Each pair have done what others might deem impossible.

Creativity on the Run with Brittany Charboneau | Podcast ep 48

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Training the brain to find joy on the run is an important tool as a distance runner. Brittany Charboneau practices creativity to her routine!

How to Develop Speed with Olympian Cindy Ofili | Podcast ep 47

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Learning how to develop speed can be intimidating, but Olympian Cindy Ofili breaks it down into actionable pieces! Tune in!

Tips for Running & Camping

Tips for running and camping to help you thrive in the wild. In this article we give fueling, trail running, and body care tips while camping!

How to Organize a Social-Distanced Race (+ Considerations for Racers)

Learn how to create, host, and participate in a successful social distance race! Article helps both the host and participant.

Rebuilding Momentum with John Cody Risch | Podcast ep 38

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Rebuilding momentum not accidental. It is intentional. It is fought for, every inch. Olympic hopeful, John Cody Risch works toward forward motion as he trains and competes at the top level of American Racewalking in hopes of competing for Team USA at the Olympics.

Where Personality and Performance Meet | Podcast ep 37

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Let's dive into personality traits of highly successful athletes, specifically runners! Do you share attributes with some of the world's best runners? Find out in episode 37 of the A to Z Running Podcast.

The Language of Running with Obsie Birru | Podcast ep 36

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Obsie Birru is an elite runner with many accolades and a big heart. Obsie connects well with others through the sport and explains that running is a "language." It is inclusive crossing many barriers. In this episode of the A to Z Running Podcast, Obsie challenges us to examine what we are doing with the gift of running besides achievement.