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fast running on the track runner on the track during golden hour

Intensity, Changing Plans, & Easy Efforts | Podcast ep 156

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Listener questions about intensity, changing plans, & easy efforts.
Zach running on track. You can see the runner from behind.

Efficiency, tapering long runs, & fatigue | Podcast ep 152

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Listener questions about efficiency, long run tapering, and fatigue! Join us!
Female runner doing HIIT workout in black and white

Race hydration, HIIT workouts, & pacing | Podcast ep 148

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Listener questions about race hydration, HIIT workouts, & pacing. Tune in for the answers to these running questions!
wet running shoes. water is being poured out of them. running shoes are Brooks brand. Background is green trees.

Wet shoes, hamstrings, and comparing distances | Podcast ep 143

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Listener questions about wet shoes, hamstrings, and comparing distances. Tune in for running questions & answers!
Runner looking at watch

Time Management for Runners | Podcast ep 141

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Busy runners often struggle to find room in their lives for training. Tune in for time management for runners!
man sitting on the beach at sunset. His face is orange from the light. He is wearing sunglasses with the reflection of the water and sunset.

Training adjustments, plateauing, and marathon recovery | Podcast ep 139

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Listener questions about training adjustments, plateauing, how to recover from marathons, & more! Tune in for running questions & answers!
Runner racing a half marathon on a paved. He is smiling giving a thumbs up while racing.

Tune up races, routines, and training priorities | Podcast ep 134

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How should I run tune up races? What is the best way to establish running routines? What workouts get the priority in training? Tune in! Andi & Zach answer runners' questions!