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Man running on the sidewalk with green grasss and blue cloudy skies. He is doing a fartlek workout.

How to Run a Fartlek Workout

Fartlek workouts are difficult to implement well. We built a simple framework to ensure successful execution every time! Let's break down the purpose of the workout and how best to achieve that purpose (with a great visual, too!).

Cancelled Races: Enduring Perspectives

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Race cancelled or postponed? All the work and preparation you've dedicated doesn't get to be realized in a race this season, but we are hoping you can find enduring perspectives.

Runners and Imposter Syndrome

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It doesn’t matter the level. Many runners feel imposter syndrome. It’s a sneaky form of self doubt. Here are actionable ways to move toward self-assurance.

Some Days are Harder than Others: WHAT to do?

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Just because some days are hard doesn't mean we can't do something about it. Here's a list of actionable steps to manage harder days for runners.

5 Things Every Runner Needs to Stop Now

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5 things every runner needs to stop... now! Forward motion is strategic. There are things holding us back that we need to stop.