You don’t need to hear from us when so many motivational things have been said by some of our nation’s greatest runners. We want to amplify voices that will inspire you. Below are a few running quotes from black American runners we hope you will amplify too.

Meb Keflezighi

2004 Olympic Silver Medalist, 4x Olympian, 2009 New York City Marathon Winner, 2014 Boston Marathon Winner, 3x National Champion in Cross Country, Former US Record Holder in the Marathon.

When race day came, I was ready to think big, be in the moment and show grit in the face of suffering.

– Meb Keflezighi

Aliphine Tuliamuk

2020 US Olympic Team Trials Champion, 3x 25K US Championship Winner,  7 more national championship first place finishes.

Our best days are ahead of us. Stay positively optimistic and work your butt off.

– Aliphine Tuliamuk

Marielle Hall

2016 10k Olympian, 2x US Junior Champion, 2018 NACAC Championship Winner, 2014 NCAA Outdoor 5k National Champion

“Grit over glitter. Muscle over grace. Purpose over polish.”

-Marielle Hall

Allyson Felix

13x Gold Medalist, 18x career world medals (most decorated athlete in World Athletics Championship history), 4x Olympian

I have learned that track doesn’t define me. My faith defines me. I’m running because I have been blessed with a gift.

-Allyson Felix

Noah Lyles

2x World Gold Medalist, World Record Holder- Indoor 300m, 3x Youth Gold Medalist, 4×100 National Record Holder, 2x Continental Cup Champion

Against all odds and all conditions.

-Noah Lyles

Raevyn Rogers

2019 800m World Silver Medalist, 2018 4x400m World Gold Medalist, 3x NCAA Outdoor 800m Champion, 800m NCAA 800m record holder,  2x US Junior Champion

Can’t help but smile at the fact that I’m not even at my best self on and off the track. Growing is just one of those things that if it was easy everyone would invest in it.

-Raevyn Rogers

Donavan Brazier

2019 World Gold Medalist, 800m American Record Holder, Indoor 600m World Record Holder, 3x US National Champion, 800m Collegiate Record

You know, running is a very simple sport. We like to really make it very complicated, but it’s honestly such a simple, easy sport.

-Donavan Brazier

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Heptathlon World Record Holder, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Olympic Silver Medalist, 2x Olympic Bronze Medalist

It’s better to look ahead and prepare than look back and regret.

-Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Florence Griffith Joyner

1959-1988, 100m World Record, 200m World Record, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Olympic Silver Medalist

I believe in the impossible because no one else does.

-Florence Griffith Joyner

Justin Gatlin

5x Olympic Medalist, 2x World Gold Medalist, most decorated 100m sprinter in World Championship history (beating Usain Bolt)

Gratitude. Have gratitude for the things you [have] even through rough patches of your life. No matter how small it is be thankful. Now work toward bigger and better.

-Justin Gatlin

Alysia Montaño

2x Bronze Medalist, 2012 Olympian, 6x US Outdoor Champion

Let’s keep pushing for change- to honor the past struggles, acknowledge the present struggles and make a difference for the future.

-Alysia Montaño

Ajee’ Wilson

2016 Olympian, 800m American Record Holder, 3x Junior/youth Gold Medalist, 8x US Champion, DMR World Record holder, 2x World Relay Gold Medalist, 2018 Silver Medal World Indoor Championship 800m, 2017 Bronze World Championships 800m, NACAC 800m Champion

Few better feelings than going into a race with a goal/plan, and getting the job done.

-Ajee’ Wilson

Chrishuna Williams

2016 Olympian, World Record Indoor 4x800m, 10x NCAA D1 All-American

Ever ask yourself why you do what you do? What motivates you to continue to strive through all the hard work and time spent? Well for me achieving the desired end result and putting a smile on my face is one of my primary motivations.

-Chrishuna Williams

Charlene Lipsey

Indoor 4x800m World Record, 2017 Indoor 1000m US Champion

You are doing your best. Look how far you’ve come. Look how strong and resilient you are. No current situation or challenge can hold you down. Snap out of overthinking. Remember who you are, why you started and where you’re headed.

-Charlene Lipsey

Keni Harrison

World Record Holder in the 100mh, 2018 World Indoor Gold Medalist in the 60mh, NACAC Champion 100mh

I didn’t get the start I wanted but I dug deep and fought, and didn’t give up.

-Keni Harrison

Jesse Owens

1930-1980, 4X Gold Medalist in the 1936 Olympic Games, Set 3 world records and tied another, Considered one of the best athletes of all time

The battles that count aren’t the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself – the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us – that’s where it’s at.

-Jesse Owens

Abdi Abdirahman

5x Olympian (10k and Marathon), World Cross Country Champion 5x in a row, 3x 10k US Champion

Running is not a complicated sport. If you’re tired, you’re tired. You take a rest.

-Abdi Abdirahman

Evelyn Ashford

4x Olympic Medalist, One Silver Medal, 4 other world gold medals, 60 yd World Record Holder

I take pride in everything I do. I don’t want to be handed anything. I want to earn it.

-Evelyn Ashford

Brianna McNeal

2016 Olympic Gold Medalist- 100mh, 2013 World Gold Medalist 100mh, 2012 Youth Champion 100mh

Did you finish the week off strong? Did you meet your goals? Whether you did or not, focus on the positives and how you can be better next time.

– Brianna Rollins-McNeal

Tony McQuay

2x Olympian, 2012 Silver Medalist 4x400m relay, 2016 Gold Medalist 4x400m relay, 2x World Champion 4x400m relay, 2011 400m US Champion

The focus continues. More time to build, more time to create, more time to elevate.

-Tony McQuay

Aries Merritt

World Record Holder in the 110mh, 2012 110mh Olympic Gold Medalist , World Junior 110mh Champion, World Indoor Champion 60mh

There will always be days where you don’t feel good or fast enough. These are the days you need to put the work in and trust the process. Focus on the good. Iron out the kinks, and stay the course.

-Aries Merritt

Bernard Lagat

5x Olympian, 5 x Olympic Gold Medalist, 8 other world medals, American Record Holder Indoor 1500m & Mile, American Record Holder Outdoor 1500m, 3000m, and 5k

Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in the process. Remove any doubt about your own capabilities to tackle the task at hand.

-Bernard Lagat

English Gardner

Gold Medalist 2016 4x100m, 2x 100m US Champion , 2x Silver Medalist at World Championship 4x100m

When trying to obtain your destiny it requires a leap of faith… but also requires you to be broken and stretched.

– English Gardner

Carl Lewis

1940-1994 9x Olympic Gold Medalist, one Olympic Silver Medalist, 10 Championship medalist (8 gold), set world records in long jump, 100m, and relays, voted “World Athlete of the Century” by IAAF

If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.

-Carl Lewis

Wilma Rudolph

2x Olympian, 3x Gold Medalist (100m, 200m, 4x100m), 2x Bronze Medalist

The triumph can’t be had without the struggle.

-Wilma Rudolph