Curious about the shoes, apparel, accessories, and the gear we use and recommend others consider? That’s what you will find here! If you want to know more about why and how we use these products, contact us any time.

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Stryd’s footpod simply can’t be beat. We both use it, though not yet for power metrics (maybe one day). It’s highly accurate and data-heavy.

Garmin’s FR 935 is Zach’s watch. The Forerunner series is our choice for it’s light profile, no touchscreen, and seamless integration with sensors.

Polar’s Vantage M is Andi’s future watch. It’s lighter on features and less accurate, but it works with Stryd and is a great price.

Polar’s H10 chest strap is about the best HRM option for us. It’s accurate, light, and thin (battery replaceable).


Brooks’ Ravenna is Andi’s daily trainer. We enjoy the responsive, mildly supportive ride.

Brooks’ Ravenna is also Zach’s daily trainer. We enjoy the responsive, mildly supportive ride.

Brooks’ Ghost is Andi’s secondary trainer, ideal for the easy runs with its extra cushion and neutral ride.

Brooks’ Ghost is also Zach’s secondary trainer, ideal for the easy runs with its extra cushion and neutral ride.

Nike’s Vaporfly 4% is our favorite racing shoe, bouncy and aggressive (we do NOT think it is good for all).

Brooks’ Asteria is Zach’s alternate racer for marathons (less destructive on the ankles).

Brooks’ Glycerin is Zach’s choice for plush, soft recovery running.

Hoka One One’s Slide 2 is our top choice for everyday recovery (when you can get away with sandals!).


Pro-tec’s foam roller is what we use for daily myofascial release

Pro-tec’s Orb is perfect for acute massage or myofascial release

Prostretch’s calf stretcher is great for the calf, soleus, and achilles.

Tiger Tail’s massage stick is another imperative for sore and tight muscles. We take it everywhere!

Harbinger’s HumanX stretch rope is our AIF tool for everyday stretching and mobility.

Garage fit resistance bands help with muscle distraction and tension for stretching and release


Jay Dicharry’s Mobo Board is perhaps the best way to stabilize your feet and ankles (and you get 10% off with ATOZRUNNING10 at checkout).

Amazon Basics kettlebells are our most common weight training apparatus. We focus on coordination and balance.

Perform Better’s mini resistance bands help us isolate hip and glute weakness (here’s how we use them)

Iron Gym’s total upper body workout bar is Zach’s choice for upper body and arm workouts.

Pro Footwork’s agility ladder is a part of several routines included in Zach’s GSM program.


Nathan’s Speeddraw Plus 18oz bottle is Zach’s favorite running bottle (especially for marathons)

PowerBar’s PowerGel Hydro with C2Max gels are what both of used in our most recent marathon (mojito flavored).

Clif Bars are our go-to post-run fuel for their quality ingredients and protein-heavy options.

Nathan’s Quick Shot Plus 8oz is Andi’s choice for race-day or long run hydration, a good lightweight option.

Honey Stinger’s Waffles are our favorite pre-run quick fuel. Great taste and easy to digest.


Brooks’ Canopy jacket is Zach’s all-time favorite running jacket (very light, breathable but still some wind protection)

Brooks’ Dash 1/2 zip pullover is the other staple in Zach’s wardrobe. It’s soft and fitted and perfect for cool days or layering.

Atomic Beam’s Battle Vision sunglasses are Zach’s top choice (and currently sell for 19.99 for 2 pair!)

Defeet Speede Smiley socks are Andi’s favorite and boast many of her top PRs.

Buff’s head wraps are always on-hand, both of us preferring them over headbands and most hats.

2XU’s recovery compression socks (women) are Andi’s first pick for running compression, especially during races.

2XU’s flight compression socks (men) are Zach’s first pick for running compression, especially during races.

Columbia’s Omni-Heat long-sleeve is Andi’s favorite versatile top and base layer.


Octane Fitness’s Zero Runner is our top choice for zero-impact cross-training and injury rehab.

Kinetic’s Road Machine 2.0 fluid trainer is our cycling solution and Zach’s favorite winter companion.

NordicTrack’s Commercial 2950 treadmill is our recommendation (we use the x22i but would buy the 2950 if asked).


Redington Goat Head sole spikes are the better alternative to Yaktrax.

TrailHeads shell mittens are light and warm and have built-in layers.

Darn Tough micro crew socks are warm and TALL (to cover ankles!).

Vaseline in winter is especially good for protecting lips and face.