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We’ve been talking, writing, and living the topic of elevating your run. (Training with excellence comes with obstacles, but the benefit of taking your run to the next level isn’t just about running. Our previous blog post is dedicated to the topic).

The World of Running

As always, before discussing our main topic, we shared some of the most recent tidbits dominating the running conversation this week:

Main Topic: Training with Excellence

Things that STOP us from training with excellence.

In this section we discuss some things that personally keep us from training with excellence.

  • Tired physically, emotionally, and mentally. (Listen to our Episode on Burnout for more.)
  • Fear of others’ perception.
  • Poor time management.
  • Results focused instead of process focused.
  • A life full of distractions.

Get better at getting better.

Knowing the purpose of a run or routine significantly helps us execute it correctly, therefore pursuing excellence.

  • Reference in section to Sweat Elite’s breakdown of Daniel’s Running Formula.

Know how to adjust.

Life is full of curve balls (or should I say curved roads). Know our purpose helps us know how to adjust.

  • Know the factors that lead to success.
  • Identify constraints (time, physical, otherwise,)
  • Understand what best adjustment should be made. (Hint: sometimes slowing down in a workout is more valuable that cutting it short.)

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Expert Advice from Adam Homolka

Adam with Ripley boys
Bonus: Our kids love Adam too.

Adam responds to the question: What can you do about common injuries?

Listen to find out!

Then take a look at these documents to see the drills Adam shared:

You can send us questions for Adam or give feedback and suggestions at

For other health or injury needs, Adam can be reached at and (616) 920-7264.

*We are in no way compensated for this arrangement, and all opinions shared are generalizations that should not be considered medical advice. (Though Adam is willing and able to provide that, too, if you contact him directly!)

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