When things don’t go your way, HANG IN THERE!| Podcast ep 23

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How many times have you motivated yourself to “hang in there?” No matter the distance or intensity of your running, there is likely a time in life where you had to push through. We took the microphone to Atlanta to capture stories from Olympic Trials marathoners about moments they had to overcome difficult situations in training and racing.

The World of Running

  • Many marathons are cancelling and postponing (Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and even the World Half Marathon Championships)
  • If you missed the Olympic Trials Marathon Report, you can find that here.
  • Marielle Hall & Ridouane Harroufi both won their first USATF titles Saturday morning at the USATF 15 km Championships.

Athlete Bios:

AnnMarie Kirkpatrick


Qualifying time: 2:37:51
Hometown: Olpe, KS
Current Location: Fort Collins, CO
Running Background: I started running competitively after having our 2 kids and have kept at it for the love of running and trying to see what my potential is.
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IG: @annmariekirkpatty
Twitter: OnaMountaintop

Anna Dalton

@ annaedalt

Qualifying time: 2:44:18
Hometown: Anchorage, AK
Current Location: Anchorage, AK
Running Background: I grew up in an active family, spending a lot of time as a kid hiking in the mountains around Anchorage (mostly against my will). My main sport as a kid was soccer, but I ran cross country and track starting in middle school. In college, I competed at a Division III school. It really wasn’t until after I graduated that I found my stride and began making significant improvements.
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IG: @annaedalt
Twitter: @annaedalt

Brittany Charboneau

@ funnyrunner26.2

Qualifying time: 2:36:34
Hometown: Denver, CO
Current Location: Denver, CO
Running Background: I’ve been running since I was about 13 years old, ran through high school and the last two years of college but was never anything amazing (no records, titles or wins for that matter). I started casually getting into the marathon after college but again, nothing amazing. I decided to try and win my first half marathon in 2016, which I did and led me to try to win my first marathon in 2017. That marathon was Denver’s Colfax Marathon, I won, and set the current course record! This gave me the boost of confidence to quit my job, run pro and jump on this crazy journey! I qualified for the Trials in 2018 at the LA Marathon and now here we are!! I train under Mercuria Running and our philosophy is to play on my runs, so I incorporate a weekly theme from my coach into my training (for example, Dolly Parton, colors, John Denver, “rebel”).
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IG: @funnyrunner26.2 @mercuriarunning @funnyrunner26.art www.thefunnyrunner.com
Facebook: Brittany Charboneau

JJ Santana


Qualifying time: 2:17:27
Hometown: Brawley, California
Current Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Running Background: I grew up playing all sports. I ran one year of cross country and track in high school and one year of cross country and track in junior college. I took 6 year break from running and jumped in a local 5k and slowly got more competitive every year for the past five years.
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IG: @_jj_santana

Joanna Stephens


Qualifying time: 2:43:47
Hometown: Florida Keys Tavernier Key
Current Location: Rockford, MI
Running Background: I started running at age 6. I ran at University of South Alabama where I was Academic All American. My first marathon was Bayshore Marathon last year. I won, got the course record, and qualified for the trials.
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IG: @joannarunner

Megan Smith


Qualifying time: 2:44:29
Hometown: Lakeville, MN
Current Location: Denver, CO
Running Background: I grew up watching my parents run, and my mom ran Twin Cities marathon every year. I competed in college at the DIII level in cross country, track, and cross country skiing. I never made it to nationals, or won championships. After college I moved to Colorado for PT school, and after training with a friend who inspired me to chase the Trials, my running career really took off. I’ve learned a lot; I’ve coached myself and trained alone, through all the highs and lows, chasing PRs and new goals. I gradually cut my time until I got the OTQ in 2019.
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IG: @meggs_smitty
FB: megan.smith.5264

Stephanie Andre

@ soonerstef

Qualifying time: 2:41:50
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Current Location: Bixby, Oklahoma
Running Background: Former smoker that started running at 29. Self-coached myself from a 3:57 to a 2:41 marathon and picked up several wins and a few course records along the way. Currently coached by James McKirdy.
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IG: @soonerstef

Swarnjit Boyal

@ swarnjit_boyal

Qualifying time: 2:17:47
Hometown: Yuba City, CA
Current Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
Running Background: Started running as a middle-schooler for fun and got competitive in high school. Wasn’t the best runner in high school but was always determined to improve and be the best possible. Made the cal poly team sophomore year after not making it freshman year. Went on to win multiple conference championships and now run for the Hoka Aggies.
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Facebook: Swarnjit Boyal
IG @ swarnjit_boyal

Juris Silenieks

@ juris.silenieks

Qualifying time: 2:17:37
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Current Location: Bath, MI
Running Background: I started running early because of my family. We would run local 5ks and I loved it from the start because it always came easy to me. The longer the distance the better. Over time I would learn to love the process of training.
Follow Juris:
IG: @Juris.silenieks
Twitter: silenieksjuris

When things don’t go your way, HANG IN THERE!

Lessons learned:

AnnMarie Kirkpatrick- Nothing’s perfect so never discount your goals.
Anna Dalton- Keep going, even if it’s in circles.
Brittany Charboneau- Don’t let your pants make you frown or get you down.
JJ Santana- Don’t ever sell yourself short.
Joanna Stephens– If the workout is hard, do hard work.
Megan Smith– Don’t count yourself out, this is your moment.
Stephanie Andre– From the toughest races, your perseverance rises.
“In running you don’t have failure, you have experience.”
Swarnjit Boyal– Get out the door and keep going.
Juris Silenieks- Double down while you keep your head up.

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