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Get the inside scoop about race day from a race director on this week’s episode of the A to Z Running Podcast. Kyle Cutler of Grand Rapids, Michigan gives advice, shares some interesting perspectives, and encourages us all to all the hit the street (track and trail too!)

The World of Running

It seems that our world of running is a little 10k focused this week.

  • The road 10k world record was taken down by Joshua Cheptegei in a time of 26:38.
  • Gwen Jorgensen is no longer running the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon (source) and will instead focus on qualifying on the track in the 10K.
  • Mo Farah shifts from marathon to 10k focus for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. You can read more here.

Guest Background

Kyle Cutler

  • Father, runner, senior manager at American Cancer Society, marketing director of RunGR… and race director of the Bridge Run for the past 6 years. He knows how to wear many hats. We admire Kyle’s ability to put on one of the smoothest and well done races we participate in.
  • LMCU Bridge Run 5k and 10 mile
Andi, Kyle, and Zach at the LMCU Bridge Run 2019- Find our race tips and recap here.

Making the Most of Race Day

Kyle gives insight applicable for all. Our conversation with Kyle includes advice for race preparation, volunteers and spectators, first-timer tips, and interesting behind the scenes action.

If you are in the Grand Rapids area on December 6th, we are running a fun run hosted by The Bridge Run called the Jingle Bell Bridge Run. We would love to see you there! It’s free, but you must sign up.

You can follow LMCU Bridge Run on FACEBOOK. Or visit their website.

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