Check Yourself- Don’t Wreck Yourself | Podcast ep 30

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Learn why and how to check yourself on a run! Everything we do influences our efficiency and effectiveness. Even though we know all of the right things (cadence, upright torso, relaxed shoulders), every runner can move towards continuous improvement.

In this episode of the A to Z Running Podcast we discuss actionable ways to improve running and activation during a run.

The World of Running

Main Topic: Check Yourself- Don’t Wreck Yourself

Correcting yourself during a run maximizes the benefit and minimizes the costs of the run.

We discuss  how to know when you need to check yourself during a run and
how to check and correct yourself during a run.

References and resources:

Mike Swinger a physical therapist, author of “Runner’s Fix: DIY Guide to Running Pain Free as well as our conversation in episode 29 of the A to Z Running Podcast.

Adam Holmolka of Endurance Rehabilitation and his work to help Zach and I to work on weakness and run better.

Dave Hodgkinson taught us many of these techniques. Coach Hodgkinson was a guest on the podcast for our episode, “Run faster without trying harder.

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