Why You Should Run Like a Zombie with Mike Swinger | Podcast ep 29

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Should you run like a zombie? The answer is, yes- sometimes! Of course there is a reason for this, tune in to the show to learn more.

In this episode of the A to Z Running Podcast we interviewed physical therapist, author, and runner Mike Swinger about the importance of activation, mobility, and strength.

We dive into his book, Runner’s Fix: DIY Guide for Running Pain Free. We have this book and and highly recommend for reaching your running potential by addressing your foundation and working on issues before you get sidelined.

The World of Running

Main Topic: Should We Run Like a Zombie? With Mike Swinger

Guest Background:

Mike Swinger is a physical therapist, author of “Runner’s Fix: DIY Guide to Running Pain Free,” blogger, and YouTube resource.

Hometown: Comstock Park, MI
Currently Practicing: Leelenau, MI

Follow Mike Swinger:
Facebook and Twitter: @mikerunphys
Email: info@runphys.com
Instagram: @runphys
Website: www.runphys.com

As promised in the episode, here are some of the Zombie drills found on Mike’s blog and YouTube channel. Running like a zombie ironically activates and enlivens key muscle groups! Subscribe to his channel for more!


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