“Run faster without trying harder” w/ Dave Hodgkinson | Podcast ep 11

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“Do you want to feel better?”

David Hodgkinson

The answer is always “yes,” right? Coach Hodgkinson has posed this question to me, as well as other athletes. We don’t always have to run harder to run faster and farther. In Dave’s own words he tells us how to, “Run faster without trying harder.”

The World of Running

Inspirational stories fill our air-space this week on the A to Z Running Podcast.

  • USATF Club Cross Country Championships stories.
  • New research indicating that running is good for the knees. (Thanks, Dr. Dufendach!)

Run Better: Running Economy

Coach Hodgkinson dives into the importance of running economy and changes you can make today to improve your running experience. Run better instead of harder.

A little about Coach David Hodgkinson (Or Hodge has some of his athletes call him.)

  • Hodgkinson has coached at the middle school, high school, college, and elite levels.
  • He advises and supports programs and running clinics/camps as a form coach.
  • He is a lifelong researcher of form and efficiency. He has spend thousands of hours investigating running economy and all it’s many facets.

We discuss the mistakes most runners make with their running economy, effective methodology to correct our physics, and the mindset which accompanies our pursuit of “better.”

While many of our thinking is shaped by David Hodgkinson, one of the key pieces of advice we share with other athletes is featured in Becoming a Stronger Animal, which was Hodge’s objective for Andi in high school.

Coach Hodgkinson has created a BRAND NEW YouTube channel that will be dedicated to the purposes of form and running economy. Subscribe and be the first to watch his informative videos.


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2 replies
  1. Sage Davis
    Sage Davis says:

    Thanks for the podcast Coach Hodgkinson! I’ll definitely be checking out your YouTube! You instill a desire for life-long running in your athletes. Your joy in running is contagious!

    • Andi Ripley
      Andi Ripley says:

      He is/was definitely an important motivator for me too! We were grateful he was willing to come on the podcast!

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