Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Rushing like it’s a race to Christmas Day? Whew! This is one race in which you don’t want to empty yourself (money & time) getting to the finish line. This blog post is motivated by the readers who have reached out to me for Christmas gift recommendations. We do have our gear bag, but I realize it’s not gift-giving specific. We’ve compiled this list because shopping two weeks before Christmas…. nobody’s got time for that!

This list will predominantly include Amazon (since many people have Prime with quick delivery).

Feel free to start here if you do not have Amazon Prime and you are considering signing up!

Small Gifts $10 & Under for Runners

Resistance Bands– You could totally have half a stocking stuffed with this one if you wrap each band, or it could be stand alone gift.

Merrell Women’s Cushioned Sock– I love these ones for the cushioned tab. Have you gotten a blister on the back of your ankle before? It’s terrible! These socks protect your pointy ankle from the rub.

Vaseline Pack of 4– We’ve talked about the importance of vaseline here.

Body Glide– Along the same idea as vaseline. This is all personal preference. Many athletes swear by this stuff. The advantage over vaseline is that it is not as greasy or messy.

Clara Protein Cookies– Protein for Adoption. Love the cause and we frequently fuel with these cookies after runs. Free pickup in Rockford, MI. Vegan options available!

Dude Wipes– Work for the ladies too. It’s like a shower in a wipe and flushable. They market it for your butt, BUT it is applicable for a full-body wipe down. We’ve used them before. Life saver for those busy days…. They are on sale now for $2.98 (originally $6.99).

Clif Bars– Pack of 12, so it could be stocking stuffers for the whole family. They are the optimal blend of protein, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates.

Nalgene Bottle– Hydration is key. I love the large mouth bottles to put ice cubes in. 

Gifts For Runners Under $20

Feetures Elite Race Socks-These are race socks we’ve used and Ripley-approved for racing.

Balega Blister Resistant Socks– When you buy from Balega you are also supporting great causes, as we mention here.

Amazon Dumbbells– Great deal and will work for a lot of exercises, however, the Kettlebell is likely preferable, but costs a little more ($15 and up).

Extra thick Yoga Mat– We have a couple of these we’ve used for doing exercises on hard surfaces outside, but also as a sleeping mat while camping.

Brooks Mens Track T-Shirt– Great deal from Brooks on Amazon ($13!). Great for running or work at the gym.

Buff (on sale)– We love buff. Whether you wear it on your head or your neck, to fight the cold or need UV protection, Buff is a product we use on the regular. 

Foam Roller– Can we talk about foam rolling enough? This is part of our morning and evening routines. We highly recommend getting yourself or a friend one. I recommended on Facebook buying a foam roller for your kid, because we know they will assume it’s there’s anyway.

Orb– The Orb is an effective tool for myofascial release. We use it daily. Andi particularly finds value in releasing fascia and loosening sore muscles in the hip and glute. 

Brooks Greenlight Headband– 100% cannot have too many running headbands. Always a win. They need to be washed as much as underwear… consider that! 

“Running on God’s Grace and Lots of Coffee” Camp Mug– I am biased, but this is my absolute favorite mug that my sister in law gave me as a gift. Maybe it suits one person on your list too! 

Box of Honey Stinger Waffles- Could be used as stocking stuffers too, but they do not ship individually. These organic waffles have low glycemic properties and are easy on the stomach.

Reflective Vest– I feel so much better when Zach goes out in the dark with all his reflective gear with 360 visibility.  

Run the Mile You’re In– A book by Ryan Hall, discounted right now! Great book about long distance running and the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of training.

Spider Belt– A running belt to carry your fuel, keys, and more. Both Zach and I have used this belt and find it snug and easy to wear.

Nathan Quick Shot Plus Handheld Hydration Pack– This is Andi’s preferable racing bottle. It’s on sale right now!

Puzzle Exercise Mat– We have made our basement into a “pain cave” with these foam pieces. It’s worked really well for us.

Battle Vision HD Polarized Sunglasses– UV blocking sunglasses for athletes at a very affordable price point. Zach wears these for training and racing. They are currently 2/$19.99 on Amazon.

Balance Disc– Strengthen those stabilizers!

Gifts for Runners $20-$40

Hoka Recovery Sandals– Sandals specifically made for reducing fatigue and promoting recovery. 

TrailHeads Running Gloves with Mitten Shell– I love these because they are made for touchscreen, soft on the inside (less harsh when wiping the nose), and have the reflective and wind resistant mitten shell. A runner can never have too many pairs of gloves. They need washing as much (or more) than anything else. 

Medicine Ball– We don’t have this particular one, but after some research, the price and additional function make this my top pick right now. It has traction for better grip and you can slam this ball. 

Nuun– Nuun has many hydration products. Some enhance your run, other’s promote recovery, rest, and in this case immunity. There are many options, all of which you can find on Amazon or Nuun’s website.

Tiger Tail Massage Stick– Another item used daily. We use this on many muscles, but especially the calves (harder to get to with the foam roller).

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar-Pull ups in your door frame (and more).

Large Gifts for Runners

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor- Accuracy matters. A strap makes all the difference.

Garmin WatchGarmin’s FR 935 is Zach’s watch. The Forerunner series is our choice for it’s light profile, no touchscreen, and seamless integration with sensors.

Polar Vantage M– Andi’s watch. She went from an Apple Watch to this Polar watch. She loves the buttons, especially during these cold weather months. I also like that I can hit the buttons confidently without looking.

Treadmill– NordicTracks Commercial 2950 is our recommendation (we use the x22i but would buy the 2950 if asked).

Bike trainer– The Kinetic Road Machine is our indoor cycling solution and Zach’s favorite winter companion.

Zero Runner- The top choice for zero-impact cross-training and injury rehab. A major benefit is that the zero runner helps with running form.

Why do we recommend buying running related presents? Because helping your loved one achieve their personal best or health goals is a big deal!

If you have questions or anything to add to our list, please comment below. I could’ve gone on and on, but then it’s more work for all of you to navigate.

We want your Christmas season to be more of a rest than a race, so I hope this can help take some of the endless online or in-store searching off your plate.

Disclaimer: AtoZrunning may earn a small commission if you use these links. You will not pay extra for using our links.

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