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Is it all in your mind? Well, maybe not all, but there is something to be said about the power your brain has on your running experience.

In this week’s episode, we explore the impact of our mental state as well as cognitive tools to help us reach our potential and enjoy our experience as runners.

The World of Running

Tokyo Marathon is cancelled except for a few elites.

USATF Indoor Championship took place last weekend. John Cody Risch (a caller for last week’s episode on Love and Support) won 2nd place in the 3k Race Walk. Bowerman Track Club dominated the event. Shelby Houlihan wins 3k and 1500m double. These wins tally Shelby’s national titles to 13.

Joshua Cheptegei crushes the world road 5k record.

It’s all in your mind

There is science about managing pain using mental tricks. We can also have a positive impact on our running by creating what Zach calls a “persona” for ourselves.

The topic comes from my brother who used to tell me pain was in my head. He wasn’t totally right, but he may have been on to something.

The Science

We discuss a technique that may be helpful for runners based on an article by Clinical Pain Advisor.

Distraction examples:

  • Gratitude
  • Mantras
  • Songs
  • Form

Building a persona

What you see in the mirror
  • You create the persona for yourself
  • You are imitating whether you know it or not. ( Zach is grateful for the example set by his friend and team captain at Cornerstone University, Derek Scott.)
  • You will live out the life you most believe about yourself
What you say to yourself
Me obviously pushing through pain with a silly smile on my face. It’s either that or a grimace for me. Choosing is smile is always my best course of action. Photo credit: Stellafly


Moving Forward

I (Andi) share my mindset going into the Olympic Trials.

  • Having transcendent goals (like being enduring, connecting with others, and enjoying nature) has helped me stay in the sport through many disappointments and challenges.

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