Finding Motivation & Community while Social Distancing | Podcast ep 25

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What do you do now? Valid question. The answer is personal and complicated. With race plans thwarted and social distancing keeping us from our favorite groups and gyms, our goals need adaptation. We can find motivation and community, but it is challenging. That’s why we reached out to several runners who are doing it well! This podcast episode holds inspiration to keep you moving and motivated.

For this week’s episode of the A to Z Running Podcast we reached out to people we’ve connected with who are finding motivation and fostering virtual community. We even hear from some of our professional running friends at Gazelle Elite Racing.

If you missed our article with advice for coping with Coronavirus cancellations and postponements, you can find that here.

The World of Running

  • The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are postponed until 2021.
  • In our local news, both the 25k Riverbank Run (Also the U.S. 25k Championships) and Rivertown Races have been postponed. If you would like to sign up for those future races, you can receive an exclusive discount code from A to Z Running by subscribing for free on our website.
  • Bayshore races are cancelled.
  • There are some people still pursuing time goals, please tag us @atozrunning if you run a PR during one of your virtual races or time trials. We have been sharing PRs in our stories.

Main Topic: Finding Motivation and Community while Social Distancing

It’s a trying time in so many ways. For many, racing is the motivation for training. For others it’s the human connection. Both of these motivations have been severely limited during this time with race cancellations and social distancing.

We connected with those in the A to Z Running circles who are coming up with way to stay motivated and connected during social distancing.

Run Creatively: Jeric Yuen

Location: United Kingdom

Talk about creative! Jeric’s Instagram feed immediately caught my attention when we connected. He started using his legs to draw Strava art. Jeric is staying motivated by finding new routes to make his art and bring attention to a great cause. Jeric was training for the London marathon (before it’s postponement) raising money for paralyzed people to live an active life again. You can get involved here.

Follow Jeric:
IG: @coderunnerguy

Run Happy: Lisa

Location: Ohio

Lisa challenges us to “enjoy the journey.” She reminds us that training is still on. We run to be our best selves and that is not cancelled. Inspiring Women Runners put on a virtual run that has motivated and inspired Lisa. It got her started thinking about how to get the kids involved. “How many miles can we run together as a family?” To join this family exercise movement, please use the hashtag #runhappyfamily2020 . We will be following and responding to this hashtag with Lisa!

Follow Lisa:
IG: @runhappymama

Run in a Challenge: Benjamin Murray

Location: Illinois

Benjamin finds motivation through challenges. (If you look on social media, you will find many. If this is outside your comfort zone, it might be time to be stretched!) Specifically, Benjamin uses Garmin Connect Challenges. If you are a Garmin user, you can find instructions here. He also shares how participating in these challenges is something he can “do” with his family and friends. Staying connected and challenged through fitness is not cancelled.

Follow Benjamin:
IG: @gwnfan

Connect and Adapt: Kaylin Russeau

Location: Michigan

Kaylin Russeau is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Professional and Running Coach in Dundee, Michigan. With the limitations of the virus, Kaylin adapted by creating workouts for her clients virtually. Originally intended to serve the clients she has now, her “Shred Shed Online” has grown into an even larger community with people from all over. Her enthusiasm and passion for helping her clients reach their potential has expanded to helping those all over who are seeking fitness options at home. Adaptation brings growth! If you want to find out more, check out Kaylin’s page here.

Follow Kaylin:
IG: @kb_russeau

Connect in Community: Brian Fahey

Location: Michigan

Brian shares about his running group, RunGR and how they have created Facebook groups to keep holding one another accountable. He also runs with his son. Finding community virtually with those you normally run with can help spur on your own training and motivate you to keep up with your training plan.

Connect with your Team: Gazelle Elite Racing

Gazelle Elite Racing
Location: Michigan

What does your “team” look like? We might not be on a professional team like Gazelle Elite, but I bet we can think of two or three friends that we might qualify as our “team.” The stakes for professionals athletes are high, so they have to hold on to their motivation… and they’re good at it! Tune in to hear what they’ve been up to and the importance of staying connected to their team and their coach, Dathan Ritzenhein.
In this segment we hear from professional runners Leah O’Connor, Louis Falland, and Bryce Bradly.

Follow Gazelle Elite Racing on Instagram:
Team Instagram @GazelleEliteRacing
Leah O’Connor @leah_oconnor
Bryce Bradly @b2rtainer
Louis Falland @lou.falland

Leah was a guest on our podcast and shared about her journey to feeling powerful again after injury. You can check out her episode here.
Louis also came on the podcast to talk with us about track and field and the raw nature of the sport. You can find his episode here.
(Their coach and 3x Olympian, Dathan Ritzenhein was also on the podcast in episode 7.)

As mentioned in the podcast, we have a food article in the works and Zach has planning tips for email subscribers coming out this week.

Have thoughts on motivation? Please share in a comment below!

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    LOVE all of the unique perspectives and approaches that you all shared here! Thank you for finding, and sharing, all of these with the community! ❤️


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