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There is a pure pleasure to running fast. As children, we believe in our capability to be fastest in the world. We find the simplicity of the run exhilarating. Track and Field is a raw and simple sport.

On this A to Z Running Podcast, professional runner Louis Falland of Gazelle Elite Racing discusses with us the development and drive in the sport.

The World of Running

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Guest Background:
Louis Falland


Louis Falland: Gazelle Elite Racing

Australian miler, Louis Falland is chasing the sub-4 mile. Louis was a walk-on turned record holder and national champion in college. Falland continued racing post-collegiately with Q Elite. From there, he was selected for a professional team called Gazelle Elite Racing out of Grand Rapids, MI.

Track Personal Bests:
1500m: 3:43:14
Mile: 4:01.4
5000m: 14:16.94

Louis was an NAIA National Champion in the mile, 9x All-American, 14x WHAC Conference Champion. He also set five school records.

Raw and Simple: Track and Field

Spectating the sport of track and field offers the opportunity to see who runs, jumps, and throws the best. It is the raw pursuit of the physical potential of humankind in its simplest and purest form.

During our track chat with Louis Falland we discuss a championship he won. (We included the video for your viewing pleasure.)

Louis and his father Greg Falland.

After watching this video, the whole conversation comes together, right? There is a primal joy to overcoming your perceived limits and finding your competitive potential.

Listen to hear stories and experiences like that and more.

You can follow Louis here. Or find him at @Lou.falland on Instagram.

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