Running Under Pressure w/ Parker Stinson | Podcast ep 15

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What do we do with our desire to succeed? Running under pressure is difficult. Our fire can burn us. Some may struggle to vocalize goals for the very reason that we don’t want others to see us miss our target.

When you’re a professional athlete, you’re in the spotlight. Time and again, you run under pressure.

On this A to Z Running Podcast, 25k American record holder and Olympic hopeful Parker Stinson reflects on his long career so far (yet only 27 years old) and how he strives to explore his potential as a dynamic racer. His career is painted with enthusiasm, drive, and love for the sport. He doesn’t let the pressure push him down to moderate his goals; he uses it for a timely and strategic explosion to the top.

The World of Running

Guest Background:
Parker Stinson

Photo credit: Castner Photography

Olympic hopeful Parker Stinson is an American professional runner sponsored by Saucony and Gatorade Endurance. He and his wife Ashley currently reside in Boulder, Colorado.

25k American Record Holder- 1:13:48

2019 USATF 25k Overall Champion

2020 Olympic Standard- 2:10:53 (Achieved at 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon)
If you don’t know what this means, it’s extremely impressive. Don’t just take my word for it. Read more.

Half Marathon personal record- 62:02

Track Personal Records:
3k – 7:51
5k – 13:31
10k – 27:54.98

USATF Half Marathon Championships 2018 – 2nd

USATF 20k Championships 2017 & 2019 – 3rd

Parker with Coach Dathan Ritzenhein after the 2019 Chicago Marathon.

Stinson ran for University of Oregon where he was a decorated NCAA athlete with 2 podium finishes in the 5000m and 9 total NCAA All-American honors.

His success started early with 3 US Junior Championship wins in the 10k. Stinson was the Pan-Am Junior Champion representing the USA in the 10k. He also placed 6th at the World Junior Championships representing the USA.

Keep your eye on the official Parker Stinson website for updates on his personal records, major accomplishments, and more.

Running Under Pressure

Parker Stinson has faced high stakes in competition since he was a young athlete. His maturation through running under pressure has only assured him that love for the sport and internal drive create the foundation to keep head and heart held high.

Parker talks about his process, experience, and the perspective that allows him to enjoy taking on races at the world’s biggest competitions in the sport of running.

You can follow Parker here. Or find him at @_parker_stinson_ on Instagram.

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