Stay in the Fight with Ron Romano | Podcast ep 27

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What is it like to run the 6 World Marathon Majors? Even more uniquely, how about all the majors in ONE year? We interviewed Ron Romano, who was one of only 7 runners worldwide to finish all 6 star races in 2019. Ron’s advice and personal mantra is “Stay in the Fight.” Tune in to learn more about Ron’s journey and how he stays in the fight as he runs around the world.

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Main Topic: Stay in the Fight with Ron Romano

For this week’s episode of the A to Z Running Podcast we asked Ron Romano about his 6 major marathon races in 2019. He was one of only 7 people to complete all 6 major marathons in 2019. As you can imagine, each race had it’s uniqueness and the condensed timeline had it’s challenges. If you are considering getting all of your major marathon “stars” stay tuned for some great insight from Ron.

Guest Background:

Ron Romano is the host of RunChats with @RonRunsNYC. He is a passionate runner & vibrant community member. In fact, he is known as the “Mayor of Central Park.” Send him a message on Instagram to @ronrunsnyc or @runchats_with_ronrunsnyc if you find yourself in NYC and want to go for a run!

As we unpack Ron’s journey, I wanted to add the stats of his races and the link to each race below.

The World Major Marathon

Tokyo Marathon
Boston Marathon
London Marathon
Berlin Marathon
Chicago Marathon
New York City Marathon

And let’s remember Ron’s mantra, “Stay in the fight.” Especially in these difficult times, it is important to keep going, keep moving, and keeping connecting (virtually). Stay tuned to Ron’s podcast RunChats with @RonRunsNYC for an upcoming interview where Ron interviews A to Z Running!

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