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Mama Sue and kids
Zach’s Mom, Sue with our boys at LMCU Bridge Run.

Whether someone has paced you to your goal, peeled you off the ground after a difficult race, stayed home with sick kids for your run or workout, traveled to cheer you on, transported, housed, or fed you, or sent you that perfectly timed text…. our support person/people are important. Love and support make it possible for many of us to continue to pursue running.

In this week’s episode, we hear from A to Z Running Podcast listeners about their support people and we tell a few stories of our own.

The World of Running

The Millrose Games were full of epic performances. We talk about Donavan Brazier and his American Record 800m performance, Elle Purrier and her huge PR and American Record in the mile, and Ajee Wilson’s 800m American Record.

Main Topic: Love & Support

Love and Support 
A to Z Running Podcast

Although we march many runs and races solo, many of us are surrounded by support. We are recognizing that today with stories of support people.

Erin Laplander Leadville
Erin during Leadville Race Series 100 miler with Steve.

Thank you to so many of you who shared your stories with us!

Here are some we’ve included in the Podcast:

John Cody Risch tells us about his coach, Nate VanHolten laying down (quite literally) his own comfort for Cody’s performance.

Rebecca Cruttenden shares her unlikely hero during her Ironman races.

Erin Laplander unpacks 100 miles of gratitude and support for her parents and boyfriend, Steve.

Charlotte and Brendan
Charlotte and Brendan

Charlotte Etienne tells us about her “enduring” boyfriend, Brendan, who puts in the miles whether it’s driving or running to support her.

Pete Mumbower recognizes his friend Tim Kragt for communicating and caring throughout training. A text of support matters!

Jen Wackerle’s husband Luke gives Saturday mornings to Jen for training without complaining. His support and understanding make training possible.

Alex Russeau reveals his disoriented wedding proposal to his supporter (and now wife), Kaylin Russeau.

Some of the people we mentioned (although please know the list could go on and on.)

Owens Family
Chicago Marathon with the family support crew.

Andi: Parents, grandfather, Mother-in-law and very supportive siblings and sib-in-laws, Aunt Priscilla Hansma, Rebekah Nobel, Jen Wackerle, Kendra Ross, & Janelle Thorne.

Zach: Family, Coach Q, Jed Christiansen, Adam Looman, & Josh Modert.

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      admin says:

      So many stories we were debating about examples of you supporting… remember that one cross country nationals in college when you drove down to Kentucky and had like 17 different car problems over the course of the trip?
      Appreciate ALL the sacrifices!

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