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Burnout. We’ve all been there, right? The emotional and physical fatigue accompanying burnout can shake us to our core. In this episode of AtoZrunning Podcast, we dive into ways to prevent burnout and what to do if we are already there. Burnout doesn’t just happen in the sport of running, but in other areas of life.

Adam Homolka

This will be our first episode with Adam Homolka, MPT, ART, FMT and Owner at Endurance Rehabilitation. Adam specializes in endurance athletes and brings us valuable insight in today’s episode.

The World of Running

As always, before discussing our main topic, we shared some of the most recent tidbits dominating the running conversation this week:

  • Incredible race story you won’t believe unless we link the source.
  • Hilarious race names- thank you, FloTrack
  • Des Linden doesn’t just win races, she frequently wins the internet. (twitter)

Main Topic: Burnout

Ways to prevent burnout

In this section we discuss a few ways to prevent running burnout.

  • Grounding in community (We mentioned how community helps avoid burnout in this week’s blog post.)
  • Facing fear and anxiety
  • Adding variety
  • Creating downtime

What to do when feeling burnout

Every person will have different needs. Sometimes we cannot step away, but we have to make some kind of change in order to be healthy and whole.

  • Step away/take a break
  • Seek new perspectives (including focusing on transcending goals.)
  • Make a change

This is fairly typical… Andi is overjoyed. Zach is irritated. And irritating, as a result.

Thanks for the topic suggestion, George Goad!

Expert Advice from Adam Homolka

Adam responds to the question: what is the most common cause of injury or problem you see in runners?

Any guesses? Listen to find out!

You can send us questions for Adam or give feedback and suggestions at

For other health or injury needs, Adam can be reached at and (616) 920-7264.

*We are in no way compensated for this arrangement, and all opinions shared are generalizations that should not be considered medical advice. (Though Adam is willing and able to provide that, too, if you contact him directly!)

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  1. Nicole d
    Nicole d says:

    Wow, Zach, your comments on fear of failure as a long term motivator always leading to burnout, have so much application, both to running and far beyond! Thanks for sharing!


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