Long Term Vision | Podcast ep 26

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Do you play the long game? If not, welcome to a new way of thinking. We were all just thrown into this crazy holding pattern. We are always looking to set strong foundations, but this is a time where it came become our focus. Executing long term vision is not accidental and requires implementing strategies for success.

For this week’s episode of the A to Z Running Podcast we discuss tangible ways we can start setting ourselves up for long term health, happiness, and fitness in the sport.

If you missed our article with advice for coping with race cancellations and postponements, you can find that here.

The World of Running

Main Topic: Long Term Vision

Social distancing has made hitting hard efforts and setting peak challenges very difficult. What do we do in this time of waiting? We set and execute strategies for a long term vision.

Routines & Habits

This is the time to start integrating some routines and habits. Play the long game. Get a solid foundation.
We reflect on some of the reasons people get injured.

Strength routines
Jay Dicharry’s Mobo Board is perhaps the best way to stabilize your feet and ankles (and you get 10% off with ATOZRUNNING10 at checkout).

Warm up drills
Advice on stretching from Mayo Clinic with reflections of the science of the stretch reflex.
Jay Johnson Lunge Circuit

Make your team now

Like all things, relationships need a solid foundation. Is there anyone in your life that you think will help you achieve your potential? 

Goals and Motivation

Some goals are burning inside us. Maybe we have our heart set on PR, a BQ, an OTQ, but without clearly knowing what race is next, how can we move forward with some goals that are not based on a race?

In a previous post, we share some thoughts about how Goals are Fragile Make Objectives to Last

In episode 13 of the A to Z Running podcast, Olympic steeplechase hopeful Leah O’Connor she shares about her goal of feeling powerful again- that is a goal she is accomplishing, even without a race on the calendar.

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