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One small change is what it takes to create a habit, getting you one step closer to your goal. In this episode we discuss the importance of focusing singularly on one action or mantra. Both Zach and Andi share changes they’ve made and the results.

The World of Running

A variety of world of running news this week.

One Small Change

Zach and Andi Dive into the importance of focusing on a single change at a time. Repetition of this action creates a habit. Habits use less energy and can help us more effectively reach our goals.

We appreciate this article, How to Make Small Changes to Last as we reflect and implement this week’s topic.

Zach picks one or two focuses a week for his personal development. Below are some he goes over in the podcast:

  • Running form/function
  • State of mind
  • Reflection (running-related or not)
  • prayer/meditation

Andi was highly motivated to make some changes. All of her focuses in this past training cycle (before qualifying for the Olympic Trials at the Chicago Marathon) revolved around injury prevention. She writes about her routines for mobility and activation in Oops I Ran my Butt Off and Becoming a Stronger Animal. (Thanks to Endurance Rehabilitation for helping to form these habits.)

Zach’s morning routine, as promised (takes 10-20 minutes, depending on what variations I include and how many reps I do):
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  • inverted bicycles
  • push-ups
  • glute bridges (2 or 3 variations)
  • clams, reverse clams
  • simple core work (like Russian twists, v sits)
  • hip exercises (usually donkey kicks and donkey whips, can be done with small resistance bands)
  • 5 minutes of select elements from P90x YogaX
  • ankle drills on the MOBO board
  • calf/soleus raises (eccentric on stairs)

Finally, a component Zach has integrated for years, Jay Johnsons’ hip circuit and mobility workout.

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