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woman rolling on a foam roller on her deck. she has a long ponytail and is wearing purple compression socks. She is on a yoga mat doing recovery after a run.

Myofascial Release for Runners

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A power recovery method for runners is releasing the myofascia. In this article, learn myofascial release techniques to benefit recovery.

Lifestyle Hacks for Recovery

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Check out these lifestyle hacks for recovery! Your running fitness happens during recovery. Add these easy lifestyle changes to your routine.

What is Recovery & Why Does it Matter? with AnnMarie Kirkpatrick | Podcast ep 57

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Running recovery is essential. Fitness is formed as your muscles adapt and repair. What is recovery? Find out!

Check Yourself- Don’t Wreck Yourself | Podcast ep 30

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Learn why and how to check yourself on a run! Everything we do influences our efficiency and effectiveness. Even though we know all of the right things (cadence, upright torso, relaxed shoulders), every runner can move towards continuous improvement.

Why You Should Run Like a Zombie with Mike Swinger | Podcast ep 29

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In this episode of the A to Z Running Podcast we interviewed physical therapist, author, and runner Mike Swinger about the importance of activation, mobility, and strength.

The Rule for Recovery (and the LPGA 5k recap!)

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Admittedly, the first thing I think when someone says “I’m training for a marathon but want to jump in this 5k. What should I do to prepare?” is not helpful. Because my first thought is: DON’T.