Behind the Numbers with Dathan Ritzenhein | Podcast ep 51

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Behind the numbers dives into the relentless passion of 3x Olympian, Dathan Ritzenhein.

Victory Beyond Gold with Mary Wineberg | Podcast ep 50

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Victory beyond gold happens in the pursuit. Through the highs and lows we can be victorious. Hear from Gold Medalist, Mary Wineberg!

FATHER-SON TEAMS | Podcast ep 49

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Today we hear from father-son teams, Jeff & Johnny Agar and Bill & Logan Johncock. Each pair have done what others might deem impossible.

A Runner’s Guide to Knee Pain

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Runners everywhere experience knee discomfort either from running or while running. What can be done about it? Here are some simple ways to investigate and begin to solve these issues to run pain free.

Creativity on the Run with Brittany Charboneau | Podcast ep 48

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Training the brain to find joy on the run is an important tool as a distance runner. Brittany Charboneau practices creativity to her routine!

How to Develop Speed with Olympian Cindy Ofili | Podcast ep 47

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Learning how to develop speed can be intimidating, but Olympian Cindy Ofili breaks it down into actionable pieces! Tune in!

10 Epic Moments in Running History | Podcast ep 46

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Running history is rich with bravery, triumph, & discovery of human ability. Enjoy 10 epic moments in running history!

Better Together with Training Partners Emily & Leah | Podcast ep 45

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The power of the running partner surpasses the enormous benefit of running faster and reducing the mental load. Let's hear from Emily Oren and Leah Falland!

The Art & Science of Strength with Kaylin Russeau | Podcast ep 44

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Strength is an art and a science. Kaylin Russeau joins us for a deep dive of what a runner should be doing to maximize performance & reduce injury.

Tips for Running & Camping

Tips for running and camping to help you thrive in the wild. In this article we give fueling, trail running, and body care tips while camping!