Zouhair Talbi running on the track at Hayward Field during the Pre Classic meet. He is battling with another runner on the final turn.

Fight No Matter What with Zouhair Talbi | Podcast ep 144

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World class track runner Zouhair Talbi discusses what it takes to be among the best and gives us the encouragement to fight no matter what!
drying wet running shoes

How to Dry Wet Running Shoes

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Learn ways to dry wet running shoes safely!
wet running shoes. water is being poured out of them. running shoes are Brooks brand. Background is green trees.

Wet shoes, hamstrings, and comparing distances | Podcast ep 143

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Listener questions about wet shoes, hamstrings, and comparing distances. Tune in for running questions & answers!
Lindsay Flanagan by Michael Scott

Personal Best by Effort with Lindsay Flanagan | Podcast ep 142

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Professional runner and coach Lindsay Flanagan shares about her personal best marathon and how ran it by effort.
Runner looking at watch

Time Management for Runners | Podcast ep 141

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Busy runners often struggle to find room in their lives for training. Tune in for time management for runners!
Dakotah Lindwurm inteview

Winning Mindset for Every Runner with Dakotah Lindwurm | Podcast ep 140

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Professional runner and coach Dakotah Lindwurm joined the show to discuss having a winning mindset in running.
man sitting on the beach at sunset. His face is orange from the light. He is wearing sunglasses with the reflection of the water and sunset.

Training adjustments, plateauing, and marathon recovery | Podcast ep 139

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Listener questions about training adjustments, plateauing, how to recover from marathons, & more! Tune in for running questions & answers!
Brian Diemer Olympian and Coach

Getting the Most out of Yourself and Others with Brian Diemer, Olympian, Coach | Podcast ep 138

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Olympian and renowned running coach Brian Diemer shares how to get the most out of yourself and others.
shin pain runner holding lower leg

Shin Splints and Foot Pain Solutions with Marie Whitt, PT, DPT | Podcast ep 137

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Dr. Marie Whitt discusses common runner problems like shin splints and foot pain, sharing practical preventative measures and solutions.
Close up of man running with sunglasses. He is wearing a tshirt. The background is a field and trees.

How to Run by Effort | Podcast ep 136

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How do you run by effort? Tune in to hear how to execute training and racing by learning to run by effort. Become a more intuitive runner!