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AtoZrunning is a blog and podcast designed to inform, inspire, and connect runners. Our podcast this week focuses on the running community.

Running Podcast: In this episode…

Andi and Zach launch the AtoZrunning podcast by talking about some recent events in the world of running, the Berlin Marathon and the World Track and Field Championships, and digging further into the brand mission of using running to find and build running community.

Running Podcast: Links and Resources

From the World of Running:

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How do you find and grow community through your running? Andi and Zach share some of their experiences and why community has been essential to inspiring and supporting them on many levels.

Three of those key areas include

  1. Race events
  2. Teams and running groups
  3. Digital community

Listen to the episode to hear more and learn about a unique opportunity to potentially have some of your questions about health, injury, strength, and mobility answered by Endurance Rehab and Athletics owner and physical therapist Adam Homolka!

Please consider sharing our running podcast with a friend! The launch is an important time for us to gather feedback and grow the AtoZrunning listener base. We would love to hear from you. After all, it takes a community. Thanks for being part of ours.

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