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When things don’t go your way, HANG IN THERE!| Podcast ep 23

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Olympic Trials Marathoners share stories about times they were tested and had to "Hang in there!"
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Raw & Simple: Track & Field w/ Louis Falland | Podcast ep 16

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Miler Louis Falland joins to talk about the sport of running. Track and Field is the most raw and simple sport in history. Athletes have elevated humankind to see our species endless potential.

Running Under Pressure w/ Parker Stinson | Podcast ep 15

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Parker Stinson races on the biggest stages of professional running. He joins us sharing his process & perspectives about running under pressure.

Feeling Powerful Again w/ Leah O’Connor | Podcast ep 13

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Professional athlete, Leah O'Connor shares her story, her process through pain, her driving passion, and her vision for feeling powerful again.

Conditioning Positive Reactions

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Our life narrative includes not only our actions, but reactions. Runners (& all humans) can condition positive reactions: resting, refocusing, & rejoicing.
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Lifelong Running w/ Dathan Ritzenhein | Podcast ep 7

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Three-time Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein talks about how to be a lifelong runner by staying physically, emotionally, & mentality engaged.