Close up of man running with sunglasses. He is wearing a tshirt. The background is a field and trees.

How to Run by Effort | Podcast ep 136

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How do you run by effort? Tune in to hear how to execute training and racing by learning to run by effort. Become a more intuitive runner!
Skeleton model with a ballon as an abstracy model for the pelvic floor. Green woods blurry in the background.

What runners need to know about the pelvic floor with Betsy Petry-Johnson, MPT, OCS | Podcast ep 135

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Betsy Petry-Johnson MPT, OCS discusses what runners need to know about the pelvic floor! Tune in for your running education!
Runner racing a half marathon on a paved. He is smiling giving a thumbs up while racing.

Tune up races, routines, and training priorities | Podcast ep 134

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How should I run tune up races? What is the best way to establish running routines? What workouts get the priority in training? Tune in! Andi & Zach answer runners' questions!
Betsy Petry-Johson glute strength. betsy in woods doing single leg exercise.

What runners need to know about glutes with Betsy Petry-Johnson, MPT, OCS | Podcast ep 133

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Betsy Petry-Johnson MPT, OCS discusses what runners need to know about glute function. Tune in for your running education!
Carrie Verdon runner at the Chicago Marathon 2021Michael Scott

Returning to Confidence with Carrie Verdon | Podcast ep 132

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Professional runner Carrie Verdon joins the show to discuss her journey with running and returning to confidence.
Colleen Quigley national champion. Colleen is smiling holding the american flag around her shoulders. it's raining in New York City.CC by 2.0 Dave Atkinson CQ-7552 2018, 5th Avenue Mile

Cross Training w/ Colleen Quigley | Podcast ep 131

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Colleen Quigley discusses cross training and the role it plays in her training.
man on a bright dirt road with green trees in the background. Man is doing running drills.

Racing Shoes, Drills, and Dead Butt | Podcast ep 130

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How often should I wear racing shoes? What drills should I be doing? & how can I fix dead butt? Andi & Zach answer runners questions!
Yared Nuguse pushing through the line at NCAA

Pushing Through w/ Yared Nuguse | Podcast ep 129

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Yared Nuguse discusses taming ourselves and pushing through trials and limitations to achieve success in running.
Benard Keter, US Olympian, jumps a barrier on the track during the 3000m steeplechase

“Be honest. Be Patient.” w/ Benard Keter | Podcast ep 128

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Olympian Benard Keter's journey brought him to the highest stage of competition, the Olympics. Keter reveals his process in continued progress.
The Science of Losing Fitness. Photo has silhouettes of runners and blood cells.

The Science of Losing Fitness with Todd Buckingham, Ph.D | Podcast ep 127

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Dr. Todd Buckingham shares the science of losing fitness. Understanding the body as we build and lose fitness helps shape how we train.