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Andrew Buikema on pacing races

Why do runners PACE races? with Andrew Buikema | Podcast ep 77

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Why do runners pace races? 40x race pacer Andrew Buikema joins Andi and Zach for a discussion on the unique motivation to pace.
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It’s All in Your Mind | Podcast ep 20

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In this week's episode, we explore the impact of our mental state as well as cognitive tools to help us reach our potential and enjoy our experience as runners.
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Love & Support | Podcast ep 19

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Running can be a solo sport, but that doesn't mean we do it without the love and support of others. Today we hear stories and talk about the support that makes training possible.

Social Running without Compromising Training Needs

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Social running ignites or rekindles running passion in nearly all of us. How do we execute our training plan and stay in community? Check out this article.

Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Rushing like it’s a race to Christmas Day? Whew, this is one race you don’t want to empty yourself (money & time) getting to the finish line.

Season of Giving: Runners’ Edition

During this season of giving, consider ways that you can blend your passion for running with profound opportunities to help others. Here is a great collection of ideas to get you started!

Finding and Building Community

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Who is part of the running community? Sure, it’s the runners themselves, but it’s also more. So much more! ...

Why Spectate a Road Race?

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Here’s to enjoying race day excitement without having to hobble down the stairs the next morning. (Sign me up, right?) I know it’s inconvenient rising early in the morning and sorting out schedules and driving and parking and such.…