Runner racing a half marathon on a paved. He is smiling giving a thumbs up while racing.

Tune up races, routines, and training priorities | Podcast ep 134

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How should I run tune up races? What is the best way to establish running routines? What workouts get the priority in training? Tune in! Andi & Zach answer runners' questions!
man on a bright dirt road with green trees in the background. Man is doing running drills.

Racing Shoes, Drills, and Dead Butt | Podcast ep 130

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How often should I wear racing shoes? What drills should I be doing? & how can I fix dead butt? Andi & Zach answer runners questions!
mid week long runs girl running in all black on a road. Colors are muted. Evergreens line the road.

Hills, mid-week long runs, and micronutrients | Podcast ep 126

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How to approach hill workouts, the importance of mid-week longer runs, vitamin and mineral balances, and more.
Ways to make toast

50+ Combinations of Ways to Fix Toast

Want to add ways to fix your toast to your daily toast consumption? You'll make 50+ combinations in this post!
Records keep falling

Records Keep Falling | Podcast ep 89

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Records keep falling. This week, Andi and Zach discuss some amazing performances and records in the World of Running. Collegiate records, world records, national records.... records are dropping!
Fueling for the run

Fueling for the Run | Podcast ep 88

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Fueling for the run can be a hot topic among runners. Want to learn more about fuel storage and energy systems? Andi and Zach discuss the research. Tune in!
bad day of running

Why is it HARD to THRIVE right now? | Podcast ep 64

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There are periods of life that are harder to thrive than others. Why is that? Have you ever wondered why it's hard to run right now? In this episode we talk about some common factors and what we can do to overcome.

Why Does Nutrition Matter for Running? with Meghann Featherstun | Podcast ep 63

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Andi & Zach talk with running nutrition expert Meghann Featherstun about why nutrition matters for running. Tune in!

Lifestyle Hacks for Recovery

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Check out these lifestyle hacks for recovery! Your running fitness happens during recovery. Add these easy lifestyle changes to your routine.

Meal Prepping & Planning Tips for Busy Runners

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How are we to run well if we don’t put good fuel in “the tank?” Check out meal prepping & planning tips for busy runners!