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Knowing yourself can facilitate your next goal or break through. Owning where we are at and where we have to go shouldn’t bring us into doubt or fear, but motivate us to make plans to achieve the incremental steps.

The World of Running

As always, before discussing our main topic, we shared some of the most recent tidbits dominating the running conversation this week:

The Ripleys with Allyson Felix in 2018
  • Nike shoes controversy (link to Letsrun Podcast with more opinions and this link to IAAF rules updates related to shoes)
  • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price considered to be the fastest woman in the world. (NBC reports)
  • Allyson Felix broke Usain Bolt’s World Gold Medal record with 12 gold medals in world events.
  • The great American distance runner, Shalane Flanagan retired (here’s the article mentioned).

Main Topic: Knowing Yourself

Know your limits (time, physical, pace)

Zach at LPGA 5K in Rockford, MI

Your limitations don’t always mean a cap on your goals, but rather an honest evaluation of how many miles you should run, what pace you should aim to hit during workouts and races, and how much time you need to prepare your body (routines) beforehand.

Set reasonable goals/expectations

Create multi-tier goals (Thanks, Coach Rod Wortley ). Check out this article all about racing mindset and strategies.

Pursue incremental gains

Follow or develop suitable training plans with your current effort in mind (not always the pace you want to run or thing you “should” run).

Finally, our blog post this week was about how to make gains by subtraction. Curious what that means? Check it out.

So there you have it! You can learn from knowing yourself how to train better, create goals, and make next steps.

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