A frog sitting on a red plate. Eat that frog. There is a fork and knife on either side of the green frog.

Eat that Frog during the Holidays | Podcast ep168

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This week on the A to Z Running Podcast, Andi and Zach discuss how the the philosophy of "eat that frog" pertains to runners during holidays.
father and son running together in the winter

Intersecting Self-discipline and Agility | Podcast ep167

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This week on the A to Z Running Podcast Andi and Zach discuss the importance of both self-discipline and agility.
biking, snow running, and show drop with a photo of snowy path with three running bundled up running on the trail.

Biking, Snow Running, and Shoe Drop | Podcast ep165

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Runners get their questions answered about biking, snow running, and shoe drop! Tune in for this week's Q & A episode!
Health benefits of running a generation of the musculoskeletal system. First an image of bone, then of bone and nerve, then muscles

Health Benefits of Running | Podcast ep164

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There are many health benefits of running beyond performance goals. Running can help us stay healthy. Tune in!
flow state in runners. Runner in yellow tank top running in the grass.

Flow: What it means for runners | Podcast ep 163

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Have you heard of flow state? Have you wondered what it means for running? Tune in!
Futsum Zeinasellassie winning a race finishing his run across the finish line on the road

Progress over Perfection with Futsum Zeinasellassie | Podcast ep 159

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Professional distance runner Futsum Zeinasellassie gives insight about progress over perfection in running.
going all out in running- two side by side photos of a collegiate woman at the end of an indoor track race. She is visibly exhausted with her mouth gapping open.

When to Go All-out | Podcast ep 151

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When should a runner go all-out and drain the well? What even does that mean? Tune in!
rehabbing athlete at endurance rehabiliatation and athletics with Rob Andro, PTA

Essentials for Successful Rehabilitation with Rob Andro | Podcast ep 150

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Rob Andro joins Andi and Zach to discuss the essentials for rehabilitation back from injury.
Andrea Pomaranski crossing the finish line at the LMCU bridge run 10 miler

Patience with Urgency with Andrea Pomaranski | Podcast ep 149

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Elite runner Andrea Pomaranski joins the A to Z Running Podcast to discuss her return to running and what it takes to reach your dreams.
World Championships 2022 Mens 1500mDover Sikes CC Attribution 4.0

Minimizing Mistakes and Maximizing Triumphs | Podcast ep 147

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Let's minimize mistakes and maximize triumphs in racing! Andi and Zach use the World Athletics Championships events to illustrate the topic.