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Zach Ripley racing at the bayshore marathon. You can see water and road behind the racers.

Matching Effort and Expectation | Podcast ep 160

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This week Zach discusses mismatch theory and how to grapple with expectations vs. perceptions of effort. After that, world of running updates about records at Valencia half, how to make your own gels, and more Tune in!
Man splitting his watch to get his pace while running a workout at the track. He is a blond marathon runner wearing sunglasses.

The Problem with Pace | Podcast ep 158

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Why is your watch lying to you? Is there a problem with pace? We talk about all the training philosophies and more! Tune in!
two females runners running fast on the track doing intervals in the rain.

Understanding Intervals | Podcast ep 157

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Want to understand intervals? Take control of your training by understanding the why and how of interval training.

Dealing with Disruptions | Podcast ep 155

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Learn how to deal with and minimize disruptions in your running training.
marathon preparation man running in the rain on the road with a yellow hat

Successful Marathon Preparation | Podcast ep 154

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Learn how to execute successful marathon preparation! Tune in!
Man running on the sidewalk with green grasss and blue cloudy skies. He is doing a fartlek workout.

How to Run a Fartlek Workout

Fartlek workouts are difficult to implement well. We built a simple framework to ensure successful execution every time! Let's break down the purpose of the workout and how best to achieve that purpose (with a great visual, too!).

U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon Report

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"Hillanta" tested the minds, bodies, and wills of athletes competing in the U.S. 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon Team Trials.

Olympic Trials Marathon Preview

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Check out one of the strongest fields in U.S. marathoning history. Who will represent the USA at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games?
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It’s All in Your Mind | Podcast ep 20

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In this week's episode, we explore the impact of our mental state as well as cognitive tools to help us reach our potential and enjoy our experience as runners.
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Love & Support | Podcast ep 19

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Running can be a solo sport, but that doesn't mean we do it without the love and support of others. Today we hear stories and talk about the support that makes training possible.