Stay in the Fight with Ron Romano | Podcast ep 27

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For this week's episode of the A to Z Running Podcast we asked Ron Romano about his 6 major marathon races in 2019. Ron's advice & personal mantra is, "Stay in the Fight." Tune in to learn more about Ron's journey and how he stays in the fight as he runs around the world.

Long Term Vision | Podcast ep 26

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We were all just thrown into this crazy holding pattern. We are always looking to set strong foundations, but this is a time where it came become our focus. Executing long term vision is not accidental and requires implementing strategies for success.

Finding Motivation & Community while Social Distancing | Podcast ep 25

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With race plans thwarted and social distancing keeping us from our favorite groups and gyms, our goals need adaptation. We can still find motivation and community, but it is challenging.

When life gets you down, HANG IN THERE! | Podcast ep 24

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Part 2/2 Overcoming suffering is what distance runners specialize in. We took the microphone to Atlanta to capture stories from Olympic Trials marathoners who generously share their stories.

When things don’t go your way, HANG IN THERE!| Podcast ep 23

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Olympic Trials Marathoners share stories about times they were tested and had to "Hang in there!"

Race Lingo: 5 Terms & Tips

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Whether just starting out or boasting a wall full of bibs, at some point or another we find ourselves confused by certain race lingo!
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Raw & Simple: Track & Field w/ Louis Falland | Podcast ep 16

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Miler Louis Falland joins to talk about the sport of running. Track and Field is the most raw and simple sport in history. Athletes have elevated humankind to see our species endless potential.

Running Under Pressure w/ Parker Stinson | Podcast ep 15

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Parker Stinson races on the biggest stages of professional running. He joins us sharing his process & perspectives about running under pressure.

Feeling Powerful Again w/ Leah O’Connor | Podcast ep 13

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Professional athlete, Leah O'Connor shares her story, her process through pain, her driving passion, and her vision for feeling powerful again.

3 Things Every Runner Needs to Do When Running

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Make running easier by improving running form. We offer 3 essentials ways to do that for every runner of every level at every point in training or racing.