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Lindsay Flanagan by Michael Scott

Personal Best by Effort with Lindsay Flanagan | Podcast ep 142

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Professional runner and coach Lindsay Flanagan shares about her personal best marathon and how ran it by effort.
Dakotah Lindwurm inteview

Winning Mindset for Every Runner with Dakotah Lindwurm | Podcast ep 140

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Professional runner and coach Dakotah Lindwurm joined the show to discuss having a winning mindset in running.
Brian Diemer Olympian and Coach

Getting the Most out of Yourself and Others with Brian Diemer, Olympian, Coach | Podcast ep 138

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Olympian and renowned running coach Brian Diemer shares how to get the most out of yourself and others.
Colleen Quigley national champion. Colleen is smiling holding the american flag around her shoulders. it's raining in New York City.CC by 2.0 Dave Atkinson CQ-7552 2018, 5th Avenue Mile

Cross Training w/ Colleen Quigley | Podcast ep 131

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Colleen Quigley discusses cross training and the role it plays in her training.
Yared Nuguse pushing through the line at NCAA

Pushing Through w/ Yared Nuguse | Podcast ep 129

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Yared Nuguse discusses taming ourselves and pushing through trials and limitations to achieve success in running.
Benard Keter, US Olympian, jumps a barrier on the track during the 3000m steeplechase

“Be honest. Be Patient.” w/ Benard Keter | Podcast ep 128

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Olympian Benard Keter's journey brought him to the highest stage of competition, the Olympics. Keter reveals his process in continued progress.

What is a GROWTH MINDSET in running? with Kim Conley | Podcast ep 76

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What is a growth mindset in running? 2x Olympian Kim Conley unwraps the concept of growth mindset as it relates to running & her experience.

When life gets you down, HANG IN THERE! | Podcast ep 24

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Part 2/2 Overcoming suffering is what distance runners specialize in. We took the microphone to Atlanta to capture stories from Olympic Trials marathoners who generously share their stories.

When things don’t go your way, HANG IN THERE!| Podcast ep 23

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Olympic Trials Marathoners share stories about times they were tested and had to "Hang in there!"
AtoZrunning Podcast- Running Podcast

Raw & Simple: Track & Field w/ Louis Falland | Podcast ep 16

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Miler Louis Falland joins to talk about the sport of running. Track and Field is the most raw and simple sport in history. Athletes have elevated humankind to see our species endless potential.